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Truth When You Need It

Chapter 1 - introducing Christ Jesus as above the angels  

Chapter 2 - why Jesus was made a little lower than the angels  

Chapter 3 - warning not to harden the heart and reject the living God  

Chapter 4 - exhortation to come boldly unto the throne of grace  

Chapter 5 - authority of our Saviour's priesthood  

Chapter 6 - once enlightened, the danger of falling away  

Chapter 7 - Christ Jesus, priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec  

Chapter 8 - the new covenant  

Chapter 9 - explanation of why the old covenant needed a replacement  

Chapter 10 - explanation of why regular sacrificing did not nothing to remove sins  

Chapter 11 - faith explained with many examples - the worthy fruits  

Chapter 12 - chastening good - hang in there, keep the faith  

Chapter 13 - loving reminders and sign-off