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Truth When You Need It

Let's see now.

Can I trust the media to inform me what is true? If you ask ten people about what they saw of an incident, you get ten different versions of "reality." If the media agrees on anything, you can be sure it is "the party line" - not too reliable!

The so-called scientific community has been shown to be far from "objective," whatever that is supposed to mean. The Global Warming issue is case in point, where scientists have been known to lose their jobs when presenting scientific evidence which conflicts with Global Warming assumptions. 

The medical community is so wrapped up in $, the truth is nowhere to be found. Even my brother, a medical doctor of some experience, has come to the realization: medical edicts are politically motivated, and bear no resemblance to what is best for the patient's health.

How about church and religion? Can't I put my trust there, where God is worshipped? Of course not, because, the belief system and organization - self-perpetuation, becomes "God" in practice.

I find Science and Health most helpful:

"Persons are not to be trusted; Principle, is all there is to trust; hence, the greater reliability of science, than all else; but this word, science, will not be appended to humbugs, when once we catch its meaning."

Humbugs are those that believe but do not understand, believe because Mrs. Eddy said so, or the Church said so, instead of "The Christian Scientist is alone with his own being and the reality of things." (MBE)