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Please bring readings from the Bible and S&H that treat/handle some fear or concern you may have noticed in your own consciousness - see the text below. The readings should be concise and to the point.
TEXT: from Precepts Vol I, p.22, Gilbert C Carpenter
When Christian Scientists talk about the fight they are having with evil,
it sounds like a real one, as if the forces of good were arrayed against
the forces of evil; but the forces of good are real, and the forces of
evil are imaginary. The struggle is never anything more than what goes on
in one's own consciousness, against the humanly inherited temptation to
believe that one has something real to fight. As long as one believes he
has something to fight, he continues to have an enemy, which is his
belief. Hence, the realization that the only power is Love, that the only
fight is to retain love, and that a right understanding of Love dissipates
and destroys every phase of illusion or falsity, is what is needed. Evil
is merely a belief. Yet it needs dissipation just as much as though it were a reality.