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Too often, it seems, God is associated with organized religion and it is believed that access to God comes through the same. However, the Bible is full of accounts of individual interaction with God outside the context of any organized religion. Following are three inspiring stories demonstrating the utter practicality of a living faith:

1. Abraham sends his trusted servant far away to his homeland to find a wife from among his relatives for his son Isaac. The servant obviously feels awkward as it seems like a shot in the dark. A beautiful story of walking by faith...

Finding a wife for Isaac  

2. The good Shunnamite woman had been promised a child by the prophet Elisha and miraculously gave birth to a son, only to have him die as a young boy. The Shunnamite would not accept it and ran to Elisha for help. A heart-warming example of importunity...

Elisha and the Shunnamite  

3. Paul is being transported as prisoner to Rome to appear before Caesar when he experiences a terrible storm and shipwreck. His cultivated trust in God shines in a desperate time...

Chapter 27 - On the way to Rome, Paul miraculously survives a shipwreck  

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