Is religion a choice?

Instead of "Are you religious?", the truer question ought to be "What are you religious about?" This second question bypasses the profession aspect and gets to the pith of the whole thing. In this sense, everybody is religious, just as everybody has a philosophy, and everybody is political. These are characteristics of human existence. 

How is this relevant? Well, too often people are out of touch with their practical religion, professing one thing but quite oblivious they are religious about something quite different. Here are a couple of examples:

1. One may say they believe in God, Spirit, but spend far more time and effort taking care of their physical body, exercising religiously, watching what they eat religiously, having regular medical checkups religiously, and rarely turning to God to fulfil His requirements, but perhaps only to ask Him for a bail-out when needed! 

2. Another may say they believe in God, Spirit, are active in a church organization, participate in philanthropic activities, are very aware of their social standing, fiercely protective of the status quo, but quite out of touch of the demands of God, Principle - why? because they cannot see Him, and satisfying the demands of what they can see takes precedence over what they cannot see. 

In both these cases, God is an after thought and idol-worship is predominant. Maybe not a golden calf, but...

A good test to see which is more real to you: If you have a sudden accident or physical problem, which is your first thought? Call 911, or turn to your Maker for help?

When our profession is out of line with our practice, we are living a lie, and that cannot be good.

"Honesty is spiritual power. Dishonesty is human weakness which forfeits divine power." (S&H)

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