What is my truth detector?

We have all heard of the pattern - ten witnesses of one event will describe ten different versions of that one event. In the news, one day we read that the world had the warmest year on record, the next day we read the Antarctica ice is growing at a phenomenal rate and we have been entering a mini-ice age for the last decade.

After the devastating hurricane, Katrina, "the experts" were predicting with absolute certainty that more and more hurricanes were on the way and the future looked bleak indeed. Instead, there has been an extraordinarily quiet period of almost ten years!

All this begs the question: Is there really any such thing as objectivity? - even scientifically speaking? My physician brother, after many years of experience, has concluded that it is not science that drives the medical community, but politics. Surely true science, true objectivity is only safe in the hands of the All-knowing!!

It would follow that our most reliable truth detector would be that which is most in touch with the All-knowing. We call this our spiritual sense, cultivated by acknowledging Him in all our ways, by striving to listen and obey that inner voice - and above all, by refusing to bow down to personal opinions (what others think). Our relationship with the All-knowing, the incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Intelligence governing the spiritual universe is our most important asset. It is the way that Jesus Christ showed us, and it has to do with understanding/living, not believing/professing.