Are robots driving us to Spirit?

It is said that robots will be replacing humans in a large portion of jobs in the next few decades years, everything from bank tellers, to anesthesiologist and other physicians. What's with these robots anyway? Will I soon be superfluous?

Let us consider this in the realm of moral/religious thought. I know the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes by heart, and can carry on an "intelligent" conversation about them. The robot will soon be able to do that much more effectively, having instant access to whatever has been recorded on these subjects since the beginning of time - robots replacing the realm of the scribes and Pharisees!

But did not Jesus say that unless you are better than the academic line of religionists, you will not enter the kingdom? Maybe there is hope for us after all!

How are we to be better? By knowing Truth, not just talking about it. "Truth drives error out of all selfhood." "Truth decapitates error." (S&H) A perfect illustration is the record of Mr. Sapp, the old-time Christian Science practitioner who, on his way to his office each day, walked past a cripple selling pencils by the side of the road. Realizing something was required of him, especiaily in his line of work, he silently declared each time he passed the cripple, "Perfect God, perfect man, and that's not it!"  A good while later, the man who had been a cripple, appeared at the office of the practitioner to thank him, for he was healed! He said, "You never bought a pencil from me, but I know what you were doing."

This knowing Truth is an immense power and operates in consciousness. Robots cannot be programmed to simulate consciousness because there is no explanation for consciousness in physics, just as there is no support in physics for God, the incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite, etc. 

So the questions is: Am I going to accept as my realm the realm of "reasonableness," of present and future robotics, or am I going to follow the Wayshower in the path of Spirit, the realm of infinite possiblities that defies so-called laws of matter, where Love, Principle, reigns supreme.