Love is supply meeting demand

Supply and demand are widely accepted as economic drivers, but not so much in our daily living. Maybe they should be.

Take talking for example. Assuming that just because we have something to say we should say it - can put a stone on someone's heart who is not ready to hear what you have to say, or just turn them off, shutting down real communication. However, feeling what the need of the moment is, and then supplying that need, now that is effective communication. Interestingly, if we are not in a self-involved state, we will find that supply will always meet demand - we will never be tongue-tied, or stumped as to what to say to meet the need of the moment. 

As we grow in Spirit, the old mantras of personal sense "I'll do it when I am inspired to do it" or "I do it when I feel like it" will be replaced by an underlying mode of operation that is sensitive to the needs around us. No longer are our personal feelings predominant. And there is no chance of being a do-goody, imagining needs where there are none, because it is Spirit that moves us, not our own ego!

This is living according to Principle, Love, where supply always meets demand - and it is the most rewarding way to live. Is not this how the Wayshower lived?