Intangible less real is back-assward

An idea or thought is intangible is it not? And yet it precedes an invention, an action, etc. 

Our soul, our spirit, our love, clearly intangible - noone has ever found physical evidence for them, maybe for their effect, but not for them. We could go on and on about the very essence of our being...

And yet, the persistent perception that material things, those we can touch and feel, see, hear and taste/smell, are really real, and the other stuff is flying around out there somewhere, and only if we have time left over do we bother with it. NOW THAT IS REALLY BACK ASSWARD!!!

I detect a certain amount of disgust from Jesus when he rebuked the spiritual leaders of the time for their obsession with what to eat. "Don't you get it! It's what comes out from the heart that defiles a man, not what he eats!!" In other words, it is the intangibles that need your attention, not a bunch of matter.

Any problem we may have, we can ask ourselves, am I chasing material effect, or intangible cause? 

I find this hymn helpful:

"O Lord, I would delight in Thee, and on Thy care depend; To Thee in every trouble flee, my best, my ever friend.

When all material streams are dry, Thy fullness is the same. May I with this be satisfied and glory in Thy name..."