Unanswered Questions

Physical science cannot answer any of these questions:

What is consciousness?

What is love - the love that travels across the world and is felt?

How does the dog, displaced across the country, find its way back home over thousands of miles?

How does the first generation monarch butterfly migrate thousands of miles to a spot in Mexico?

How do hundreds of thousands of birds fly together without collision?

Why do so many cancel reservations for flights, etc., prior to crashes, avoiding inevitable catastrophe?

Why do some recover from incurable diseases, or resist deadly contagious disease, and others do not?  

These are some of an endless list of unanswered questions, and yet folks are content to accept that empirical evidence constitutes science, even truth. The fact that the facts are only partially known, and those known are only partially understood or change periodically, does not bother most, who are happy to be led around by "experts" who willingly accept their godliness in the eyes of others. 

"The time for thinkers has come."