How meditation, studying can be counterproductive

"I feel so good after meditating, or spending time ensconced in the books, reading the Holy Bible, etc. But my life is full of unsolved problems." What is going on here?

The general drift with meditation is that you clear your thought of busyness, especially of negative thoughts, and you bathe in the goodness of God - or some such thing.

Studying the Holy Bible and other Spirit-centered books, too often is an exercise of reading to support what you already know, of getting quite a trip out it - so exciting to read things that you agree with, and articulated so clearly!

What about the problem you are going around with? You firmly believe that 2+2=5. You are suffering from the consequences, and all your meditating or studying, although very satisfying in themselves, does not correct your mistake. Worse still. You are becoming increasingly demoralized, resigned to the fact that your problem is here to stay, because even with all your good meditating or studying, nothing has changed.

Validity tests:

1. The Bible instructs "with all thy getting get understanding." A good test of whether or not our efforts are substantive - have we gained some NEW insight?

2. Another good test - have our efforts changed the way we think and what we do? (A popular definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!)

Faith (meditation or studying) without works is dead.