Tips on studying

The studying we are talking about here has to do with the Bible and or Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. We are not talking about the kind of studying that leads to the accrual of knowledge. We are referring to the study that leads to a greater understanding of God, Spirit, and ourselves. Our premise is that God, divine Intelligence is communicating with us constantly. The study time is to consciously tune in. The books are a tool for doing this.

First: "Lord, open my heart so that I may be receptive to Your leading."

Second: Feel what means something new. Remember, we are not trying affirm what we already believe, or find justification for what we already think!  "I will make all things new," is the promise. Since our consciousness is ever changing with each experience, we are always in a new place. If things we read appear the same, we are in a mesmerized state, under the misconception that our consciousness has remained static. We need to recognize this and shake ourselves out of the funk. "Progress is the law of God." (S&H) and that certainly means change, change for the better! Both the Bible and Science and Health challenge the status quo of material existence at every step. God forbid we should build up immunity to the challenge.

Third: When we have found some new inspiration, rather than fall into the age-old trap of sharing it with others - to help them! - we hold it sacred, a message direct from God to me, for me to treasure and use to change my life! Unless it is so used, it will be lost.

This passage from the Chapter on Prayer in Science and Health could well be used in establishing the appropriate atmosphere around our study.