How loving prayer can be hatred

It could be a parent, a friend, a fellow-church member, a false practitioner, a minister, etc.:

Dear Lord, Help so-and-so who is on a wrong path, to see the light.

This "loving" prayer can have the effect of sheer hatred. It is the exercise of human will in the name of God! Why? Because it is a mental demand for conformity to a human, personal view. It is based upon a judgement that only God is fit to make. 

What might be a correct prayer for someone you love but are concerned about the path they are taking? 

Dear Lord, I know so-and-so belongs to You, and cannot be separated from You and Your care and guidance even for an instant. 

This second prayer benefits all by resting on Principle/Love which opens the door to infinite possibilities. The first tries to railroad personal will and forfeits divine help - and causes suffering.

So much damage is done in the name of God! As far as I know, noone explains this more clearly that Mary Baker Eddy in dividing between personal sense and Principle.  The first is all about one being righteous, praying for a sinner in the name of God, the second is aligning oneself with Him, giving up a self view, acknowledging that He knows far better than we what is best for each and all.