Moral idiocy in high places

"Whoever is mentally manipulating human mind, and is not gaining a higher sense of Truth by it, is losing in the scale of moral and spiritual being, and may be carried to the depths of perdition by his own consent."

"The helpless ignorance of the community on this subject is pitiable, and plain to be seen."
"The increasing necessity for relying on God to defend us against the subtler forms of evil, turns us more unreservedly to Him for help, and thus becomes a means of grace." (Misc. Wr.)

What an excellent litmus test for our interactions with others - since the tendency to mentally manipulate is pervasive through suggestion, sentiment, etc.: BUT DOES IT LEAD TO A HIGHER SENSE OF TRUTH?

The above quotes are from this ten minute audio excerpt from an address given by Mary Baker Eddy to her students - my title: 

Moral idiocy and "spiritual wickedness in high places"