The status quo is always wrong

Status quo is a locked-in position. It disposes of humility as it builds walls around its territory to defend itself. It is non-intelligent because it relies on prior thinking that has been deemed correct and simply parrots it. It is blasphemous in that it denies the Infinite, and denies His reflection (no room for reflection in state quo!!).

Let this be a warning to resist the temptation to settle in and accept the status quo in whatever we read or hear about. The status quo is ALWAYS wrong, whether in religion, in science, in social interaction, etc. This is why it is essential to cultivate a reliance upon our Maker, divine Intelligence, in day-to-day activity. And God forbid we be found defending the status quo!

“We cannot possess the love of this world and be right, for it shuts out God, that is Love;” (1st Ed S&H) Did not Jesus show us this way? Every step that he took challenged the status quo, and the materially minded did not like it! But look what happened, the impact he has had on mankind.