Why bother with the will of God?

A fascinating statement from Martin Armstrong’s blog "The Closed Mind Discovers Nothing but Bias": "there is an interesting order being masked as chaos…fundamental to everything… the appearance of randomness has led many to assume that the world is subject to our will, and therefore, we can manipulate the world, including the economy, to do as we desire. This is just not true.” (emphasis added)

Mr. Armstrong has gathered data from the earliest records of mankind and discovered consistent economic cycles over the thousands of years, so that he has been able to forecast economic events with incomparable accuracy. We could use the Bible in a similar fashion, for it records the consistent ebb and flow between a more material state to a more spiritual one, over almost two millenniums. This pattern has not changed throughout human history.

The assumption that the world is subject to our will, that free will is the essence of our being, is a mistake! Jesus emphasized that he was doing the will of his Father, constantly reaffirming that of himself he could do nothing. If we follow his example, we will strive to do the same. To the extent with which we do this, we align ourselves with the order of the universe, spiritualize thought, and rise up out of the endlessly repetitive cycle of human history.

In my own experience, as I have had this desire to do the will of God, my best endeavors have been taken out of my hands, and I have found myself in a much better place than I had anticipated. Quite amazing!

In line with this a perfect definition of practical religion: 

"Dost thou 'love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind'? This command includes much, even the surrender of all merely material sensation, affection, and worship. This is the El Dorado of Christianity. It involves the Science of Life, and recognizes only the divine control of Spirit, in which Soul is our master, and material sense and human will have no place." (S&H) (emphasis added)