Overcoming bad personality traits

Today someone was telling me that she had to overcome certain negative personality traits. It sounded like a rather heavy trip - sort of like trying to be redeemed from original sin!

I suggested she not talk about this overcoming thing, all the while embracing the traits - but rather quietly declare that, since God never made them nor gave them to her, they had no real legitimacy, because she belongs to God. 

God is love, so He certainly is not in the condemning-us business - surely, He is in the business of freeing us from those things that bind us, limit us, prevent us from fulfilling His purpose for us: to bless and to be blessed.

"The design of Love is to reform the sinner." (Science and Health) When the sinner stops sinning, he is no longer a sinner! So the less effort we waste on being guilty, or wishing to overcome illegitimate, negative traits, and the more we declare for God's good heritage for us, and strive to live it, the more progress we will make in overcoming the bad stuff.