Which is more real to you? The material or the spiritual?

Jesus said he came so that the blind could see and those with sight would be made blind. Really? Some Pharisees asked if that meant they were blind. Jesus answered, "If you were blind, you should have no sin: but now you say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth.” (John 9)

This is tough stuff! - for the self-righteous, those who think they already have it all figured out. We know that Jesus was not personal, but always operated from the standpoint of Principle, Love. The self-righteous (think they see) rebel against the Christ-spirit because it rebukes their materialism (self-righteousness = materialism!), and this reveals their sin. Once this happens, their blindness is apparent. Those who are hungering and thirsting, who have no preconceived ideas, those who admit their blindness - these Jesus came that they might see.

Where does this place us? Do we approach Truth to confirm what we already know, perhaps to justify the way we live? Or are we in a state of yearning to find something more meaningful than material existence? In the first case, Jesus’ teaching, specifically in the Gospel of John, will be off-the-charts crazy, as his critiques said. “What nonsense! Eat my flesh and drink my blood - before Abraham was, I am.” But if the status quo seems tired and worn out, we are drawn to Jesus’ view.

"To Jesus, not materiality, but spirituality, was the reality of man's existence, while to the rabbis the spiritual was the intangible and uncertain, if not the unreal.” (S&H)

And the following applies also to the ecclesiasticism rampant in the churches, including Christian Science churches:

"The Judaic religion consisted mostly of rites and ceremonies. The motives and affections of a man were of little value, if only he appeared unto men to fast. The martyrdom of Jesus was the culminating sin of Pharisaism. It rent the veil of the temple. It revealed the false foundations and superstructures of superficial religion, tore from bigotry and superstition their coverings, and opened the sepulchre with divine Science, — immortality and Love." (S&H) (emphasis added)