Am I on the right path?

How can I be sure that I am taking the right path?

Often I hear of an adult still hearing the voice of a parent, or some other significant figure constantly invading his mental household. Although I cannot say I have "that problem," I have no doubt the voices are there at some level.

And then there are those dear ones, family or friends, who are too willing to help me hear the right path.

"God only knows" is a common throw-up-your-hands kind of comment, but if we operate from the premise that God exists and He is the all-knowing...

So how do I hear Him, and be sure it is Him? It is not so easy, although some find it so - but I don't trust them!

First, I have a desire, above all, to do His will. I have to be willing to go against the flow of popular opinion, in fact, be willing to be unpopular with even those closest to me. Then I lay my preference at His feet (so-to-speak), and as Jesus did, "Not my will, but Thine be done." 

This going against popular opinion is a huge stumbling block for most. But anyone who has done something significant in any walk of life has had to do it. Should it be surprising that it is a requirement for real progress. Progress, by its very nature, involves stirring up the status quo.

Yes, I am asserting that "the right path" always involves progress!

So, if my path is unpopular, chances are I am on the right track. Ha ha! But I do not know for sure... and so I have to keep listening even while moving forward, always willing to change direction as I am impelled, even if others sneer.

If I am on the right path, there will be progress!! Jesus was the ultimate example.