I did not choose to be here. Now what?

The petulant child may justify himself with “I did not choose to be here.” Truer words could not be spoken. None of us chose to be here! But here we are. Now what? 

The general belief is that we were put here without consultation, and now we are left with free will to make a mess of things, or just manage, or be a big success, etc.. This was not, however, the message of Jesus. He came to do the will of his Father, God. Jesus claimed no doctrine of his own, nor speech, nor action. His whole thing was to fulfill what he was given to do and say. What others thought about all this was not even a consideration. Nor did he assume he was doing the will of God by being a good person!

If we will keep his commandments, we will strive to do the same. With this will come persecution, yes, but no anxiety or stress. Just the greatest satisfaction, for this is the fulfilling of the law.

"Prayer, coupled with a fervent habitual desire to know and do the will of God, will bring us into all Truth. Such a desire has little need of audible expression. It is best expressed in thought and in life." (S&H)