Imbibing the spirit is not passive

Too often imbibing the spirit means sitting in your prayer chair and soaking up the truth. Although this may provide a moment of elation, it has no staying power and provides little progress in Christian Science.

Striving for consistent obedience to the requirements of Science will do far more. We use the seven synonyms of God to provide examples:

Principle - a noisy neighbor; an egotistical committee member; a thoughtless waiter... - standing with Principle when it may not be comfortable to do so is imbibing the spirit.

Truth - news of gloom and doom - correcting error with Truth despite the picture presented, declaring on the side of a good God, is imbibing the spirit. 

Mind - when things are difficult as well as when they are going well - turning to Him, listening and obeying more consistently is imbibing the spirit.

Soul - instead of taking things at face value, relying on spiritual sense to guide us is imbibing the spirit.

Spirit - before the world view of matter, refusing to accept it as substance, but tracing matter as shadow back to the Source, "acknowledging Him in all thy ways" is imbibing the spirit.

Life - in the face of evidence of the life cycle, (born into matter, maturity, decay, death) declaring God is Life more consistently is imbibing the spirit.

Love - instead of loving selectively at the behest of personal sense (personal likes and dislikes), loving unequivocally even the unloveable is imbibing the spirit.