Why does he/she not get it?

Sometimes it is difficult to understand why others just don't get it! But if we remember that we are all in different states and stages of consciousness, should it be surprising? Even siblings growing up together can be miles apart when it comes to a common understanding of things! Well, we can go through life with this underlying frustration, exasperation that others seem so dull! - or we can look deeper into things and resolve the conflict.

There is an outrageous claim in our textbook which comes to mind:  "The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man." (S&H) Actually, this is no more outrageous than the claim that there is only one Mind because there is only one God, and that we all have that one Mind!

In practice, this requires an acknowledgement that we have no capability to communicate with our fellow man unless it be God, Love, working through us. Under His direction, no longer fixated on what we want the other to think, we seek to get our "self" (our own pre-conceived ideas) out of the way to allow the communication to flow. No longer can we view the other as stubborn, gutless, uneducated, over-educated, etc., etc., but as ourselves, an idea of the one God.

Does this suggest that all communication should be "reasonable," without emotion, precluding a sharp rebuke when a mesmerism must be broken? "Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way." (S&H)