Soul outside the body

Soul outside the body - is that so outrageous? Nobody has ever found it within the body, and the anatomy has been pretty thoroughly explored. Out-of-body experiences are commonly reported; musicians and other performers strive for that space where the limitations of body are completely forgotten.

Ok, so we accept that Soul is outside the body. Soul is that through which I perceive the beauty around me, experience freedom of expression, feel universal Love. To have more Soul-experience, I rely on spiritual sense, and stop relying on the physical senses.

Spiritual sense is that inner voice (inner in consciousness, not in body!) which guides us: to be careful because anxious even when everything appears ok; to love one who appears unloveable but is in great need of love; to be grateful when there appears nothing to be grateful for, etc.

More spiritual sense = more recognition of Soul outside the body.

(Note: Soul outside the body is a constant theme in the 1st Edition of Science and Health)