How comes hypocrisy?

Who wants to be a hypocrite? Can't imagine anybody wanting to be! How does it happen?

Professing stuff is a good start. This usually comes with joining a group, which by its very existence requires a profession of some sort. The one who downplays his profession and upplays his doing has a good chance of avoiding hypocrisy. This one might participate in the group thing, but only as a means to an end.

The danger comes when the group thing takes the lead in the participant's mind - when what he stands for takes precedence over what he does - for example, when identifying oneself as a Christian is something other than actually being one. 

Praying publicly tends to nurture hypocrisy! I have an Israeli garage mechanic who is, in practice, one the best Christians I know. He goes to the ends of the earth for elderly widows, charging them nothing for his extra attention, and all done in secret – such a profoundly loving fellow, quietly. When asked about his religious affiliation and thoughts on prayer, he simply said, “I have my own way” as he looked up.