Ultimate antidote for loneliness and desolation

Lonely? Is it because there is noone around who cares about you? Why then are some of the most popular, outgoing people the loneliest? 

Many people have friends and/or family around constantly, and are so preoccupied that they rarely come face to face with their loneliness. Others submit to an addiction of some sort to escape from the terrifying feeling of desolation. So what is this loneliness or desolation all about?

I find the analogy of mathematics helpful. If you were an instance of the number 5 and you could be separated from the principles of mathematics, you would have no meaning at all, and certainly would not be useful, except perhaps as an ornament or a disposable piece of paper. As an individual being, you are an idea, like the number 5 - inseparable from your Principle, God, good, Love, Intelligence, substance, etc. If you are in denial of this relationship, ignorantly or willfully, you sense a desolation, an aloneness, and you might feel like nothing more than an ornament, or discardable trash.

When Jesus said "I and the Father are one” and “The Father hath not left me alone,” he was not claiming to be God, but was recognizing his indestructible relationship with Him, and lived and spoke and thought in affirmation of this fact, with no desire to operate apart from Him, his divine Principle, Love. Jesus was the Wayshower, and fully expected those that loved him, recognized the Christ in him, to follow in his footsteps, and to claim the same oneness with our Maker and never be alone again.

The following passage describes, in the most practical terms, how loneliness and desolation are shed for ever:

"Would existence seem blank without a personal friend? then the time cometh when you will feel this solitariness, and when this vacuum must be filled with Principle, instead of person, and with the Love that is God. When this hour for development arrives, you will suffer from personal enemies so severely it will cause you to approach more readily the science that destroys all personal trust and gives you higher joys, even as pain is salutary in taking away a belief of pleasure in sense. These are the footsteps of science, by which Truth amputates error. Our individuality is never lost; but the belief of Life, Intelligence and Substance in person is lost. Universal Love is individual also, embracing every idea from infinitesimal to infinity. And so of joy that issues from Spirit, it is both individual and collective; you cannot be alone, for God and man are inseparable, and eternal, and the rich blessing of understanding your individuality in Spirit and not matter, as Soul, and not sense, is that you may learn how to follow Jesus in this saying, 'I and the Father are one.'" (1st Edition of S&H, Mary Baker Glover)