Democratic process or a few “smart” people

I remember flying across the US on a perfectly clear day, looking down at the cities, the towns, the hamlets, the farms - the vast variety of life-styles, geography, etc. and marveling. Who dare think they would know what was best for all these people? Only incredible arrogance!

The tedious democratic process, the elections and all the expense and trickery that go with it - why do we even bother? To protect against the incredible arrogance of those who wield power in government.

But how does God, one Mind, fit into all this? Does not the democratic process involve many minds? Perhaps fewer governing minds brings us closer to the one Mind? Human history, including as recorded in the Bible, has illustrated over and over, that the greatest danger is the incredible arrogance referred to above, that arrogance which would ape God - meaning act like they are All-powerful, All-wise, with no reference to a higher power and intelligence!

The democratic process rests upon the premise that nobody has all the answers, but by having this process, we are more likely to avoid tyranny in government. Explained metaphysically, the democratic process best represents the infinite manifestation of the one Mind.

We are not deceived by those who blame global problems on nationalism, individualism, freedom, etc. It has always been the incredible arrogance of those who would ape Almighty God who have caused wars, extreme famine, starvation and poverty.

The acknowledgement of one Mind, one Principle/Love governing all, and we, ideas of this Oneness, will do far more for global harmony than what a few “smart” people could possibly do!