Destroying belief instead of bowing down and worshipping it

Every time the season changes, I get a cold. What's going on? Does the body have a built-in barometer? How come it does not happen to everyone? No, no, it is a belief picked up along the way, and the more you buy into it, the more persistent the belief. 

For many years, I spent a good part of the winter with a heavy chest cold. My uncle, an MD, even suggested it might be TB!! Finally, I met an independent Christian Science practitioner who refused to accept this persistent condition as legitimate. It did not recede over night, in fact it took a couple of months, but then it disappeared forever. It has been many years now, and that curse has completely left me.

The practitioner explained that it took a while to yield because I was so convinced for so long that the chronic condition was inevitable. I do remember a solid resistance within me, a disbelief that the condition could be healed. But the practitioner was operating from the standpoint of Science, not belief, and this Science won the day.

The following excerpt from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures explains operating from the standpoint of Science:

p 390-394 - the Command Statements