Fresh look at a tiresome subject!

Sin is an unpopular subject these days - "old" Christian theology has beaten it to death, and people are tired of regularly asking for forgiveness. It does not make a lot of sense, because there is no end in sight - just more sin.

The opposite end of the spectrum is the denial of sin - such a freeing feeling. No more guilt. Just go with what you feel. If it feels good, do it.

Both these polarized viewpoints are very unsatisfying!

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Jesus went on to explain that sin enslaves, but knowing truth  breaks the shackles.

What is this truth Jesus is referring to? Well, since a good, all-knowing God who IS Love, did not make sin, nor a man capable of sin, sin is without legitimacy.  Not that we deny that sin exists, even while it is causing havoc! But rather we uncover it, face it, and overcome/destroy it. This explanation of the truth Jesus was referring to was the discovery of Mary Baker Eddy, hidden from theologians for over 1900 years.

Now the test. Does it work? If we have a bad habit, is it not more likely we can change, overcome the habit, from the standpoint: "since God did not make it, and since I am His in essence, this habit has not a legitimate leg to stand upon!" - than to ask forgiveness for being so bad, or denying that there is a problem in the first place?

In every walk of life, people improve themselves most effectively, when they face their shortcomings and refuse to be intimidated by them, use them as leverage to get better with a certainty that they can!