Some Objections Answered - S&H

Objection 1 - This Science is unchristian  

Objection 2 - Healing in Christ’s name is heresy  

Objection 3 - It is sacrilegious to assume that God did not create matter, sin, sickness, and death  

Objection 4 - Christian Science contains many contradictions  

Objection 5 - If sin, sickness, and death are nothing, why heal them?  

Objection 6 - Christian Science is irreverent  

Objection 7 - The language used in the textbook does not make sense  

Objection 8 - It is presumptuous to expect God to heal sickness  

Objection 9 - We should be afraid of what sickness can do to us  

Objection 10 - It is absurd to suppose we are to overcome material life, substance, and mind  

Objection 11 - The teachings of Christian Science are the most egregious fallacies ever offered for acceptance  

Objection 12 - Whatever healing occurs in Christian Science is the result of faith in the healer  

Objection 13 - It is blasphemous to suggest that Jesus is not God.