The bad die, the good live (Ez 18)?

This morning's reading and inspiration:

Ezekiel 18 (synopsis): A life of wrong-doing brings death; a life of right-doing brings life; A life of wrong-doing changed to a life of right-doing brings life and the wrong is forgotten; a life of right-doing changed to wrong-doing brings death and the right is forgotten. God has no interest in death, but urges a new heart and a new spirit and live!!

This makes no sense interpreted humanly/materially - everybody dies whether good or bad. But spiritually, where life is not confined to material existence (dust to dust), but is reflection of Life/God, it makes a lot of sense. The statement from 1st Edition of S&H “The sinner cannot be saved” follows. As long as you sin, i.e. are a sinner, you die - no reflection of Life. As soon as you stop sinning, i.e. no longer a sinner, you live - reflection of Life.  "The design of Love is to reform the sinner." S&H

This coincides with Jesus' promise: "If you will keep my commandments, you will have everlasting life."