Prophetic warning?

"If man's spiritual gravitation and attraction to one Father, in whom we 'live, and move, and have our being,' should be lost, and if man should be governed by corporeality instead of divine Principle, by body instead of by Soul, man would be annihilated. Created by flesh instead of by Spirit, starting from matter instead of from God, mortal man would be governed by himself. The blind leading the blind, both would fall." (S&H) 

Does this not describe what is going on in Germany, and elsewhere, today? 

What can be done? The following Watch provides a guide of how we can think constructively, for we are responsible only for our own consciousness:

There is but one real attraction, that of Spirit. S&H
A lie of God and Science does not attract because it is without Spirit. That which purports to represent God or Science without Spirit,  shrivels up and disappears, for it has no law, no cause, no substance. I cannot be made to believe that man is not attracted to Spirit. The real man, the only man, is inseparable from divine Principle - always has been and always will be. Every addiction, every attraction which is not to Spirit, is the suppositional opposite of the fact, and according to God's law of reversal indicates the one real attraction to Spirit.
This one real attraction is in full force right now throughout the spiritual universe, the only universe!