No Truth needed at a Super Bowl party?

Is there anything in my life that is outside of the jurisdiction of Truth? Do I ever get a break from God? Silly, isn't it. But ironically church "culture" tends to cultivate this. A special place to worship, special times to pray, a life segregated into church activities and "other" activities...

I heard someone admit honestly that they planned a Super Bowl party with the sole intent of having fun - this is one who is sincerely striving to live a more Godly life. When it was suggested that there should be a conscious desire to put a blessing on all those participating, the response was "I don't want to push religion on anyone." 

This is an example of stereo-typed religion - a far cry from the teaching and example of Jesus. The beauty of the Sermon on the Mount is that it speaks to every aspect of our lives - no ritual, no rites - just day-to-day living. Granted it would be selfish to pray for your favorite team to win - an unrighteous prayer. But to acknowledge the presence of a good God, to acknowledge that each one entering my home comes under His protection and will receive a blessing, etc. - this is the least we can do. This is "Truth comes to us when we need it..." for there is no safety or true joy without it.