A challenge to those who wish to help others

The mistaken assumption of many trying to help others - and a higher, more effective way - from Clear Correct Teaching by Herbert W. Eustace:

"...good is not omnipresent, but that, through the human mind's good deeds, this lack of omnipresent good is supplied. Nothing could be more pernicious than this, for it encourages a stronger belief in the absence of good, by assuming that good must be supplied. Metaphysically, such giving, continued, dooms its victim to perpetual incompleteness and helplessness. No true benefit can ever be thus bestowed.

The only giving that is of value is the giving that knows the omnipresence of all good, and that insists on seeing this good as omnipresent, even as Jesus saw the loaves and fishes, and the money in the mouth of the fish. Such giving alone blesses.

If Jesus had thought he was supplying something that was not already present, he would have denied the allness of his God by giving, and he would then have been on the same plane of thought as those who believed that they were hungry. But he knew that Principle and its idea is always one: ''Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.'' (Luke 15:31) If he had been one with them in their thinking, how could he have fed the multitude?

The metaphysician gives freely only as he understands that there is no lack, no need, because infinite substance is omnipresent. ''The noblest charity is to prevent a man from accepting charity.'' (Misc. ix: 2) He who reaches out to another's abundance to supply his need, is looking away from God to that which is finite and must in the end fail. He who learns that he has the ability and right to infinite good within the sanctuary of his own understanding is blessed."