Fairness in the world a moral dilemma - a satisfying alternative

Considering a child can be conceived as a result of anything from the irresponsible passion of youth to the violence of rape to the outcome of conjugal bliss, etc. it is difficult to find any moral basis for the physical process of conception. The same can be said for all stages of physical existence - nothing innately moral - which begs the question: "Did God create the physical universe?"

The general consensus is a very unsatisfying one, that existence is a mishmash of physical laws, moral or spiritual laws, and good old fashion luck! What the Creator was thinking has been the subject of tomes and tomes of writings over thousands of years! It is not surprising that, today, as always, there have been many who just do not buy that there is a God overseeing the universe. However, there is no escaping the moral dilemma in a physical world as the quest for "fairness" mushrooms in a fundamentally, profoundly unfair material existence.

Try as you may to justify material existence, despite its tantalizing wonders, it is ill-conceived, with no moral consistency or justification - perfectly represented in the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible: God creates Adam out of dust, takes a rib out of him to create Eve, gives them lots of good stuff but sets them up to fail, and then curses them when they take the bait! Hello - anybody home? 

In contradistinction to the Adam and Eve story is the Creation as described in the first chapter of Genesis in which all was created by divine Intelligence as idea, no "dust" involved, no matter, and when complete, it was pronounced "very good." Mary Baker Eddy identified this as the true universe, spiritual, without any physical law/constraint. In her revelation, she recognized that Jesus operated from the standpoint of this spiritual creation, hence his "miracles" which defied physical laws. She captured what is meant by St. Paul's declaration: "as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive."

Not to belabor the point, here are a couple of short audio selections that provide, to my mind, a practical approach to steering away from

the ghastly farce of material existence - from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy.