A powerful injection of truth

If you are fed up with the increasingly aggressive tactics of the institutions of modern medicine, take comfort in this radical but perfectly sensible platform:

"Sickness, sin, and death must at length quail before the divine rights of Intelligence, and then the power of Mind over the entire functions and organs of the human system will be acknowledged." (S&H)

Listen to the context of this statement here  

In my own experience:

I was on a business trip in Birmingham, AL, just before Christmas a few years ago - I already had a chest cold, but when I got there it got much worse. The night before I was scheduled to return, I had a high fever, and I was coughing up a heavy green substance. After a sleepless agonizing night, I wondered how I could possibly take the flight home. I could not stand for more than a few moments! I called an independent Christian Science practitioner. I don't remember what he said, but I do remember the love I felt, the reassurance, like a balm over my entire system. I lay down and slept for about ten minutes, then managed to get out to the limo. Comfortable I was not! But after being jammed in the rear of connecting flights through Atlanta, I arrived in Newark completely healed, chest clear, and walking on air - an exhilerating feeling.

To me, it was quite clear that "the divine rights of Intelligence" kicked in through the Christ - manifested by the spiritual work of the practitioner.