Which are more important, facts or morals?

Every decision we make, every action we take involves a moral decision. Education may say otherwise, and insist there is no moral issue, only facts, but this is sheer nonsense, as these two high-profile examples demonstrate:

1. A recent study out of the Mayo Clinic found that 88% of 2nd opinions from medical doctors did not agree with the 1st opinions.  

2. Almost all (if not all) research funding in the area of Global Warming is done to support the assumption that it is manmade, ignoring, even suppressing evidence of the many other causes affecting climate change.

These two examples surely show that scientific facts hardly carry the day, and leave a wide berth for what? The influence of one’s moral value system.

Whether dealing with employment, politics, church-attendance, child-rearing, relationships, and so-on, our moral basis takes precedence whether we know it or not.

So the question then becomes, on what moral basis are we operating - what is our number one priority? In observing the world around us, it should become apparent that self-preservation does not cut it. “The lessons of earth should lift the affections and understanding to a spiritual base whereby we lose error to gain Truth, for, ‘he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.’” (1st Ed S&H) A spiritual base implies a mode of operation that seeks the will of divine Intelligence, which knows all, instead one's own will which knows a tiny % of the facts!!