Is it possible to try to know?

Too often I hear something like "I am trying to know the truth." Is it possible "to try" to know? Would that not be like "trying" to be conscious, or "trying" to exist? 

Here's my take: when one knows something, right on the heels of knowing comes a voice, as one's own but not! "I am trying." Where does the voice come from? Considering the "trying" thing undermines the "knowing" thing and leaves the subject helpless, we can be sure that it is not from a loving God!

Simply put, if knowing the truth makes us free, then trying to know the truth perpetuates our enslavement! It is a self apart from God which cries out "Let us alone!" In the language of the 1st Edition of Science and Health, knowing the truth would be being governed by Principle; trying to know would be personal sense.

An example: "God is good" is Truth and knowing, holding to it is healing. But personal sense interjects with "but how could He be when there is so much evil in the world." This reverses the effect of knowing Truth, and you continue in your misery. "I tried, but it did not work."

So when "trying" or "but" creeps into thought when knowing Truth, shut it out! "Here I stand, so help me God." There is no other way in the pathway to freedom.