Enough with the accusations!

It is a great step forward when we learn to "hear" the accuser, and recognize it for what it is, and neutralize it, defang it, destroy it.

The accuser can be quite subtle, but when it is found out, it is the great red dragon, which accuses day and night, as described in Revelation. Today, people take prescription drugs to assuage the anxiety, and this makes the red dragon very happy because the victim is in its grasp, self-absorbed.

Like many, I was constantly getting hammered: "I am inadequate,"  "You didn't do it right" (always comes after the fact when you can't do anything about it), "You will never overcome your bad habits," etc. etc. (Notice the accusation can come in the first person!) The turning point for me was when I could see how "that voice" was affecting me. Like clockwork, it caused me to become self-involved - under the guise of trying to fix whatever I was being accused of, I became of no use to my fellow-man!! Never made any progress - always more of the same.

Now, when the accuser tries, I see it for what it is, tell it to go to hell, and increase my efforts to love God and my neighbor as myself. This brings spiritual growth like nothing else can, and God, divine Love, becomes nearer and dearer.

BTW - a Christly rebuke bears no resemblance to an accusation - it serves to break a mesmerism, to stir thought out of its complacency, to cause the individual to fight for his freedom. The accusation serves to sink the victim deeper into the swamp!