For God's sake - in a new light

"For God's sake" has often been used as an expression of exasperation. What a perversion! The surest ticket to a right motive turned into blasphemy, a mere negation.

We could blame this misuse upon a mistaken concept of God as a big-man-in-the-sky, but in the light of inspired thought...

God is Spirit. For Spirit's sake, our motives and acts will lead away from materialism, sensualism, away from false dependencies, addictions.

God is Life. For Life's sake, our motives and acts will free us from fear of death, for we are identifying with immortality.

God is Mind. For Mind's sake, our motives and actions will be guided by Intelligence far beyond our own limited view of things.

God is Love. For Love's sake, our motives and acts will be free of a personal love with strings attached, and will take on a mighty power to do good, not restricted to our family and friends.

"Simply asking that we may love God will never
make us love Him; but the longing to be better
and holier, expressed in daily watchful-
ness and in striving to assimilate more of
the divine character, will mould and fashion us
anew, until we awake in His likeness. We reach the
Science of Christianity through demonstration of the
divine nature; but in this wicked world goodness
will 'be evil spoken of,' and patience must bring
experience." (S&H)