The law to adversity

If our starting point is a good God which never causes evil, what are we to do with adversity? Let's see now. We could bitch and moan, whimper, or perhaps condemn ourselves for letting bad things happen - OR, we could decide right then and there to get the full blessing from the experience. There is no doubt that the first responses listed here make us miserable and leave us only with a bag of troubles. The latter response aligns us with the Principle of the universe, and invariably leads us to a better place.

Why might this be? "Mortal existence is a state of self-deception." (S&H) Job certainly found this out!  Adversity is a reality check, something that ought to remind us of our total dependency upon our Maker. If everything is going along fine, we are enjoying our state of self-deception, and not growing in the slightest towards a greater understanding - growing spiritually, getting acquainted with our true self as an expression of the Creator.

Does this mean we ought to seek out adversity? No. It seems to find us, if and when we are worth it. Paul said: "Rejoice in infirmity." It makes for a much richer, more substantial life, there is no doubt. Jesus was our Exemplar, and did he not show the great blessing to be had even from the crucifixion? Resurrection and final Ascension - the ultimate reward for overcoming the lie of mortal existence!