The Good Samaritan a Christian ideal

"Be­lieving in God never made a Christian."  (1st Edition of Science and Health)

What?? I spent a lifetime reciting the Nicene Creed (starts off with "I believe in...) which defines what a Christian must believe. Who did Mary Baker Glover think she was?

From the standpoint of Jesus' teaching, which entail how to think and act, this statement makes perfect sense. When Jesus gave the parable of the good Samaritan, he declared for all time that being a Christian has to do with what you live, not what you profess. The Levite and the priest, who professed much, failed miserably in meeting the need of the beaten up traveler, while the Samaritan who professed little being a member of a despised people, bound up the wounds of the victim, set him up in an inn and paid for his stay while he recovered.

The Samaritan understood Love, the priest and the Levite merely believed in it. He was a Christian, the priest and Levite were not.