What chance have we?

We have a choice, although few choose... either everything is chance or there is no chance. Either existence is made up of good luck and bad luck, or there is no such thing as luck. If chance or luck is legitimate, then we are doomed to amoral non-intelligence, for that is what luck is.

Let's consider, for a moment, the in-between state: I work really hard, do well, and then, "Smack!" I get hit with a streak of bad luck. Nothing I can do, but get up and try again, and hope to have better luck next time - always aware I have to take the good with the bad because that is just the way things are. Fear of bad luck is reasonable - and equates to the worshipping the god of chance. Having other than the one God, this in-between state is profoundly unchristian, and helps explain why there is so little Christianity in the "Christian" world!

Did Jesus ever acknowledge an element of luck? Not a chance!! Such an acceptance would deny God's allness. So as we wrestle with the explanation of why good and bad things happen, we categorically through out chance as nonsensical paganism!

We'll pursue this later...