Religion or spirituality

The trend today is away from religion towards spirituality. "There's many people who don't identify with any particular religious denomination or any particular religion. These are people who may call themselves spiritual rather than religious." (Roger Payne, UNC) It has taken almost 150 years, but perhaps the Christian world is ready for the clarity and power of Science and Health:

Spirituality is the only Christianity; and its basis is, “to be absent from the body and present with the Lord;” sensuality is personality ever present with the body. We have already sufficient professions of goodness without the Spirit: too many religions and not enough Christianity is the genius of the age. Man knows already too well how “to make long prayers, to be heard for his much speaking,” and to enlarge the Pharisaical borders, to steal in private and give in public, but this is political, not Christian economy. What we want is, “Christ and Him crucified,” in other words, Truth and the cross-bearing that attends it, to make mankind better. - 1st Ed. S&H

There is no dogma, no ritualistic taint in this - just the practical message of the Christ.