If God knows evil...

From the standpoint of God, the all-knowing, infinite, we are confronted with the following: God knows evil and therefore predestinates it, OR "Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity:" (Habakkuk)

If we choose the former, we accept that evil is divinely bestowed - popular religion tries to justify it as the result of our God-given freedom of choice, but then surely the All-knowing knew what choice would be made and therefore predestinated the evil result.

Mary Baker Eddy's revelation rests on the latter explanation, concluding that, since the All-knowing does not know evil, since God, good, could not possibly create its opposite, evil is unreal. The science of math illustrates: the principle of math does not know errors, but only the correct solution. The errors are suppositional opposites of the correct solution. So evil is the suppositional opposite of the truth. In that sense it is not an established fact at all.

"The design of Love is to reform the sinner." (S&H) In the same way, one could say the design of the principle of math is to drive the mathematician to the correct solution by refusing to accept anything less!

Now, which God would you prefer to have? The one that observes the hell mankind is in, and decides on a case by case basis whether to deliver them or not - OR - a God that IS Love, a light beckoning man to acknowledge Him, to accept his own true estate, the expression of Soul, God.

What prevents us from approaching the beckoning light which has only our best interests in Mind?

Our recommendation: In the 1st Edition of Science and Health the recurring theme is PERSONAL SENSE defying PRINCIPLE - belief vs understanding, sense vs Soul.