Why do so few get it?

After addressing an audience of several thousand of her followers, Mary Baker Eddy said she did not see one Christian Scientist out there. Elsewhere she lamented that most of the healing going on in the name of Christian Science was faith-healing or mind-cure - not Christian Science healing. That was when she was around. We can be sure it is far worse today. 

Is Christian Science so difficult to grasp? Jesus had the same experience and described it in the parable of the wedding feast (Matthew 22): most of the invitees had excuses as to why they could not attend, some even killed the servants carrying the invitations! (Needless to say, those last were exterminated!) Finally, anyone and everyone were brought in to the wedding feast, "both good and bad" since the initial selective process was not effective!

Elsewhere, Jesus stated that unless you become as a little child, you will not enter in - in other words, you will not get it! Obviously, it is not intellectual proficiency, or worldly experience that is required to grasp Truth. 

In the 1st Edition of Science and Health, personal sense is identified as the stumbling block (something a child has little of). This is the baggage that weighs down the professor of Truth: I am educated; I am a parent; I am a member of the Board; I have been through a lot; I am respected by others, etc., etc. "Until personal sense is doubted, it will never be controlled."  

Despite his unmatched resume, Jesus insisted "Of mine own self I can do nothing." Unless the individual can do more than give this statement lip service, no matter what his resume, he is a fraud in the realm of Christian Science. Listen to the challenge.