No-one gets away with anything, ever!

No-one gets away with anything, ever! This statement of truth regarding our moral state should be comforting to us. If not, we are far worse off than the student of mathematics who hopes to get away with his mistakes.

Consider a dishonest act. If left unchecked, it becomes easier the next time. The lie enlarges itself, gets more involved. The guilty conscience goes further underground, and the perpetrator falls further away from the essence of his being, his God. The perpetrator may go on, apparently succeeding in the world right up to his exit from mortal existence. Does this mean he gets away with his ongoing dishonesty? Would that make any sense at all?
If life is more than a random, self-involved and otherwise meaningless existence, is it reasonable to think that any deviation from that God/Principle goes unpunished, or better said, with a demand to correct the deviation, sooner of later?

We do not consider the effects of a mistake in mathematics as punishment and this is a good thing for the focus then becomes correcting the mistake rather than wrestling with guilt. This is where ecclesiasticism sinks into depravity, using guilt as a means of control, instead of leaving the individual in the hands of his Maker to work out his own salvation. "The design of Love is to reform the sinner." (S&H) - not to hold a perpetual threat of punishment over his head, but to free him!

Principle/Love is imperative - with whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning. No longer trying to avoid punishment, we welcome our thoughts and deeds to come under the light. If we may have made a mistake, we welcome the consequences. The All-knowing is our best Friend.

NOTE: Yes, our premise is a good God, that man is His image, reflection, therefore spiritual, not material.