Jesus vs united front

Just think of it. The priest crowd (Caiaphas and company), Herod the Jewish king, and Pilate the Roman governor, all united in crucifying Jesus. See article on this website. Did anybody  push back, question? Even Peter, the disciple, lied three times, denying that he knew Jesus!! - all to avoid confrontation. Ah yes, unity can be a foul thing.

And despite all that cooperation, and intimidation, though it achieved its purpose, the crucifixion, only served to enable Jesus to change the course of history, because Jesus Christ's unity with his Maker, his total submission to His will, was real, and their show of unity was false.

BUT - we ought to ask ourselves: "What would I have done under similar circumstances?" An honest answer will tell us where we are truly are spiritually, whether we trust God or mammon more.