In God we trust. Where is accountability?

“In God we trust” is a statement that is loved by many, but to others it is offensive. Let’s consider why.

When those in positions of power are not held accountable for their actions, they and the institution they represent loose the trust of the people and become weaker. There is an evident correlation between trust and accountability. How does this work in regards to God?

Many have lost their trust in God (and the institutions which purport to represent Him) because they hold Him accountable for all the terrible things that go on in the world. This makes sense if God is perceived as a human magnified. But what if He is regarded as Principle, as in “God is love.” A principle, as in mathematics, requires accountability in that it must be proven. As such, it is we that are held accountable, not the principle. On this basis, we gain trust in the principle.

In practice, when we love in the way Jesus laid out in the Sermon on the Mount, as the rain and the sunshine which are not selective, we prove the principle, and are perfect even as the Father which is in heaven is perfect.

Along this line, the following two excerpts from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy are rich in substance:

“Trustworthiness is the foundation of enlightened faith. Without a fitness for holiness, we cannot receive holiness.”

Click here to listen to the second, longer excerpt which deals with trustfulness and trustworthiness, two very different meanings of the word faith.

- Andrew W KIdd