A jealous God is a loving God

from Psalm 34:

7 The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.
8 O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

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God is a jealous God, so the Bible says, absolutely intolerant of other gods. It also states that God is love. Contradiction? Or perfect sense?

Wherever there are principles or fundamental laws, in math, music, etc., you could say there is intolerance to deviation from these principles, could you not? A little mistake here, a little mistake there just does not cut it. Even though you cannot see these principles, it is understood that they exist, and they are unyielding.

Why should it be different with spiritual laws? To love your neighbor as yourself is universally understood as a good thing to do, but how often is it considered a law of the universe, intolerant of deviation? 

There is widespread, stubborn resistance to accepting spiritual laws as laws of the universe. Why?

Two premises bolax it all up:

1) a good God knows evil - then must have predestinated it!

2) God, Spirit, is the origin of matter - then the origin of sin, disease, and death.

Both these lead to inexplicable contradictions and leave the believer having to accept creation on blind faith - where spiritual laws are nice, nice when they work, but the rest is left to a mysterious God. Plenty of reason for a thinking man to be an atheist here!

The revelation of Mary Baker Eddy corrected these false premises (been reviled for it!):

1. a good, infinite God cannot know evil and from this standpoint evil is illegitimate, has no foundation, no justification.

2. God, Spirit is the creator of the universe spiritual (Genesis 1) and could never create its opposite (Genesis 2), the material, temporal, limited, subject to sin and decay, etc. 

From these premises, spiritual laws take their rightful place as laws of the universe, and material laws are seen to be what they are, heartless, with no moral basis, Godless. 

God is a jealous God - no compromise with evil and matter.

God is love - His design of creation is free of evil and matter.

It is argued that Jesus dealt with matter in his healing work and the feeding of the 5000, etc. However, it cannot be denied that he contradicted all laws of physics to do so. The revelation of Mary Baker Eddy explains it this way:

"To Jesus, not materiality, but spirituality, was the reality of man's existence, while to the rabbis the spiritual was the intangible and uncertain, if not the unreal."