Self-awareness just does not work here

Self-awareness receives a severe rebuke in the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus specifically calls out three activities commonly associated with "good" people, alms-giving, prayer, and fasting. In all three cases, he makes it clear that if you are aware of how you look, how righteous you look, you will have your reward, self-satisfaction? But in order gain God's ear, so to speak, to align yourself with the Principle of being, self-awareness must be gone!

Sermon on the Mount - Guard against self-righteousness  

Supporting statements from the 1st Edition of Science and Health: 

Taking wealth, popularity and sensuality by the right hand, takes God by the left, and palsies that hand, making moral lepers instead of Christians.

A religion privileged through wealth and fraternity of interests, is not the first step towards Christianity.

Let us be individually what we are; not swallowing camels for popularity, or mincing at gnats in the shape of honest ideas, because they come from the Soul of man.